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Our Quest For Quality Merchandise

We spent 2 years searching for good quality products for your buying pleasure. I thought it would be easy to find quality merchandise at low prices but was I wrong. It seems like everyone is selling Made In China products and steering away from American and European made goods. We had to dig deep to find you well made products at fair prices and fast shipping times but we did it.

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Foam Sacks Bean Bag Style Furniture

Foam sacks are an affordable and fun seating alternatives for your home or office. We took the bean bag chair and replaced the messy beans with easy to clean up foam. Our foam sacks are quality made here in America so the chances of them tearing open are pretty slim anyways.

They have an inner liner and a suede style outer covering so the inner liner is protected from tearing by the suede outer layer. This results in a better quality product and the foam is less likely to come out.