About Us

We were sick of not being able to find good quality merchandise at affordable prices. All the merchandise we bought either took too long to get, was broken, was in pieces and had no instruction to assemble it, was the wrong product or we had to pay extra customs prices to claim it.

We spent the last 2 years finding good quality merchandise with low prices and fast shipping times.We looked in every nook and cranny of the internet and even went on Sunday drives to explore new cities and ask people about finding quality merchandise.

Our research found us a little mom and pop foam factory that makes memory foam and latex mattresses and accessories. They have the same quality mattresses as the big box stores at less than half the price.

We also found a vitamin company,clothing companies and companies that make gismos and gadgets. Anything you need we found it and put it in our store for your buying pleasure. Now visit our store and shop to your hearts content.

Thank You

Mark & Sherry Whitney and family