USA Made Memory Foam Mattress 5LB

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5lb memory foam mattress
USA Made Memory Foam Mattress 5LB
USA Made Memory Foam Mattress 5LB
USA Made Memory Foam Mattress 5LB

A good night's rest depends a lot on the type of mattress you purchase for your bedding. If you have an aching back, circulation issues, or you are just trying to get the best sleep possible, memory foam mattresses are the best solution to countless sleep issues.

Memory foam mattresses have a temperature-sensitive visco-elastic formulation and memory foam conforms to your body for a custom-molded mattress every night, no matter what your sleep position. Another great benefit of this innovative type of material is that memory foam softens from body heat, cradling high-pressure areas while supporting low-pressure areas, for a balanced feel that can't be found in a traditional option.

They are also hypoallergenic which makes them ideal for allergy sufferers looking for relief and rest.Our mattresses are available in a range of densities and sizes so you can find the one that is best suited to your needs. Our memory foam mattress selection will give you a cloud-like sleep experience that will have you waking up refreshed each morning, ready to take on your busy day.

The 5lb mattresses is fluidly responsive to a broader range of temperatures for a smoother, gradual shift in firmness

Finer cell structure offers softer, more luxurious feel that helps minimize pressure points and increases circulation for a deep, rejuvenating sleep

Environmentally-friendly, high-tech forming process allows for excellent quality and consistency

Your mattresses is made when ordered and shipped directly to you from the factory.

All mattresses are 8" thick, 3" of memory foam and 5" of poly foam base. All mattresses also come with a poly cotton zippered cover which is machine washable and hang to dry.

Mattress sizes

Twin: 39"x75"

Twin XL: 39"x80"

Full: 54"x75"

Full XL: 54"x80"

Queen: 60"x80"

King: 76"x80"

California King: 72"x84"


Meets CA TB117 flammability requirement

5lb mattresses come with a 15 year warranty and is a medium firm mattress

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